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When you are moving to a new place, packing is the most important thing. Getting your belongings to your home in one piece means you need the appropriate packing materials. If you are going to start the packing process, it’s important that you know all the supplies you’ll need for this process:

Boxes: Of course, boxes are the most important item. Before you get boxes for your move, you should consider the belongings that you’ll pack, their size and their weight. Depending on these factors, you’ll need to either purchase or collect boxes according to your needs. You can save money if you can get free boxes from liquor or grocery stores, or from friends. Give the store manager a few weeks’ notice so they can help you to get some boxes for you.

Plastic Containers: Plastic containers can also be used to pack items. One advantage of plastic is that you’ll have the containers handy for the next move, or for storing belongings that you don’t use frequently.
Garbage bags: You’ll need garbage bags during the entire moving process. You’ll be constantly getting rid of things that may be damaged or that you don’t use anymore. You can also use them for the move itself; garbage bags are not strong but can be used to move lightweight belongings.

Tape: Along with boxes, having plenty of tape is important. Be sure to stock up on shipping tape for sealing your boxes, masking tape for the labelling process and duct tape for reinforcing. Buy at least two rolls of each to ensure you’ll have enough for the entire packing process.

Permanent markers: Permanent markers are essential for labelling boxes. This is the most effective method for protecting your valuables and identifying the contents of each box.

Packing material: Some type of protective packing material will be required when packing certain items. Some belongings may need an extra care because they are frail or oddly shaped. For packing material, you can use bubble wrap, packing paper, newsprint or even your linens.

Cleaning supplies: In the course of your packing and moving process you will need basic cleaning supplies such as a broom, sponges, glass cleaner and paper towels.

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